Dec 23, 2016

BruCON 0x09 Spring Training open for registration

Right on time for Christmas, we bring you the BruCON 0x09 Spring training track (19-21 April). Early-bird registration till the 20th of January ! 

The line-up! : 
  • Malicious Documents for Blue and Red Teams by Didier Stevens (3-day training) - Our resident trainer Didier Stevens will teach you how to both analyse as well as create malicious files such as PDF, Word and Excel documents. You'll learn how to analyse malicious files as well as create your own for Red team testing ! 
  • Corelan Bootcamp by Peter Van Eeckhoutte (3-day training) - Once again we bring you Corelan ! One of the best exploit development courses available, now in our spring training track. Prepare yourself for 3 long days (+10 hours/day) of intensive exploit development ! Lunch and dinner are included and, as always enough coffee to keep you going! We will be hosting the Advanced course in October (2 - 4 October 2017) and you can now already register for both! (limited seating)
  • Mobile Application Exploitation (iOS and Android) by Prateek Gianchandani and Dinesh Shetty (3-day training) - A completely hands-on training on exploiting mobile applications for the iOS and Android platform. Even wondered how different attacking a Mobile application would be, from a traditional web application? Including iOS 10 and Android 7 Nougat, we are bringing you an updated version of this successful and very well received course !
  • Windows Breakout and Privilege Escalation by Jason Cook and Francesco Mifsud (3-day training) - This training will provide the required knowledge to perform post-exploitation actions on locked down Windows machines. Tools, tips and techniques will be shared to break out of restrictive execution environments and escalate privileges from a low level user to SYSTEM on modern Windows operating systems. Contrary to common perception, Windows machines can be really well locked down if they are configured with care. As such, attackers will need to dig deep in order to break out of restrictive environments and escalate privileges.
  • Open Source Defensive Security Training by Leszek Miś (3-day training) - Open Source Defensive Security Training is a 3-days long, advanced IT Security laboratory dedicated for professionals who need close the gaps in Linux & Open Source Security knowledge. Very detailed and up to date course content with focus especially on defensive vs offensive approach, based on real world scenarios gives you the best opportunity for making stronger defensive layers inside your Open Source network infrastructures or a Linux-based products. Check out a detailed agenda, find it interesting and register as soon as possible. May the packets be with U!

The training location will be Novotel Ghent Centrum.

All training details and registration links can be found on the BruCON training pages (link)

your BruCON team.

Nov 8, 2016

BruCON 0x09 Spring Training - Call for trainings

BruCON 0x08 is over and we had a great time hosting the trainings, workshops and conference ! Our 0x09 Spring Training edition will take place on 19, 20 and 21th of April 2017 and we are once again looking for some great training courses. 

We have the following guidelines for you: 
  • BruCON hosts predominantly offensive technical security training sessions. We don't have any specific focus areas for now, so please submit any training you deem interesting !
  • Training should be either 2 or 3 days with a preference for the latter.
  • You are allowed to submit multiple training suggestions, however please specify if they can be hosted simultaneously.
  • If you have additional hardware that need to be taken into account, please specify including the additional costs.
If you submit a training, please include, at minimum, the following information : 
  • Description
  • Course content
  • Target audience
  • Trainer biography
  • Hosted before ? If so, where and when
Our prices for trainings are :
  • 2-day trainings - 1100€ (Early-bird) / 1200€ (Regular) *
  • 3-day trainings - 1400€ (Early-bird) / 1500€ (Regular) *
* Not taking into account any additional hardware which might be included.
We have a 50% profit split in place between the trainer and us. If you have any particular question or you would like us to work out a concrete example, don't hesitate to reach out!

The deadline for you submissions is Monday 28 November COB (GMT+1). You can submit per mail to You will receive an acknowledgement that your submission has been well received. 

Please also use this address if you have any questions.

Kind regards

The BruCON Training crew

Oct 14, 2016

Raising the stakes with 3 CTFs at BruCON 0x08!

This year we will have three (3!) different CTF competitions at BruCON! All the CTFs are free to join!
  • Team CTF on Wednesday 26/10/2016 at Monasterium
  • Student CTF on Wednesday 26/10/2016
  • Individual CTF during the BruCON conference (27-28/10/2016) 

Team CTF

Level: Medium / Advanced
This contest will allow up to 10 teams to compete, solving challenges, creating exploits to attack opponents and defending their own infrastructure. In this CTF we will give you challenges related to exploitation of vulnerabilities, Web security, Databases Security, Reverse engineering and Cryptography.
Players will compete for 8 hours to get first place in the CTF.

Location and Timing

Location : Monasterium - Oude Houtlei 56 - 9000 Gent (
The CTF begins promptly at 10h00 and end around 18h00 . Out of consideration for your fellow CTF teams, please try to be there around 09h30

Student CTF

In a fully fledged CTF requires a specific set of skills, for this, BruCON will be organising a student CTF where we will guide students through a CTF competition! The student CTF covers 4 different topics each containing a number of challenges. After each topic you can try the challenges yourself and see how you can use your acquired skills! We will learn about SQL Injection attacks, Android reverse engineering, Traffic analysis with Wireshark and a number of CTF tips and tricks. This CTF is focused on beginning students, no prior knowledge is required since most of the CTF is seen as an introductory session.

Location and Timing

Location: BruCON venue - Volderstraat 9, Ghent
The CTF begins promptly at 9h30 and end around 17h00 . Out of consideration for your fellow students, please try to be there around 09h00

Individual CTF

This contest is played on a Jeopardy scheme with 20 different classic challenges such as categories: reverse engineering, cryptography, digital forensics, web security, vulnerability exploitation and perhaps some hardware hacking;)
The CTF will be open for 30 hours during the BruCON two-day event (27 and 28 October).
Participation in the CTF is free.
The expectation is that you can have a good time, playing and learning about different security issues.
Requirements: Register as an individual player for the CTF Bring your own equipment and tools
Level: Basic / Medium

For more information an registration:

Jun 28, 2016

BruCON 0x08 Trainings information

We are proud to present to you our program for the 2016 BruCON 0x08 Training (24-26 October)

The line-up! : 

  • Offensive PowerShell for Red and Blue Teams by Nikhil Mittal (3-day training) - In this course, you'll learn how to attack Windows network using PowerShell, based on real world penetration tests. The course runs on a lab network to which attendees will have Free access for one month after the training. The class consists of hands-on, challenges and demonstrations.
  • Windows Kernel Exploitation by Ashfaq Ansari (3-day training) - In this 3-day training course, you'll learn to fuzz Windows Kernel Mode driver and find vulnerabilities. You'll be taken from basics of Windows Architecture, it's Kernel and introduction to different software vulnerabilities along with their exploitation in Kernel mode. These 3 days will be full of hands-on, kernel debugging and WinDbg-Fu.
  • Assessing and Exploiting Control Systems by Justin Searle (3-day training) - This is not your traditional SCADA/ICS/IoT security course! How many courses send you home with your own PLC and a set of hardware/RF hacking tools?!? In this 3-day version of the course, you will receive all six days worth of slides.
  • Hacking web applications – case studies of award-winning bugs in Google, Yahoo, Mozilla and more by Dawid Czagan (2-day training) - Have you ever thought of hacking web applications for fun and profit? How about playing with authentic, award-winning security bugs identified in some of the greatest companies? If that sounds interesting, join this unique two-day hands-on training!
  • Attacking with Excel by Didier Stevens (2-day training) - In this training, our resident trainer Didier will teach you how to use Microsoft Office for offensive security. Performing a port scan, injecting and execute shellcode or even loading your own DLL's without touching the disk, only by using the Excel process !
  • Hardware hacking training with Hardsploit by Julien Moinard (2-day training) - Tired of watching hardware products getting hacked every day without having your part of fun ? Don't worry it will not be the case anymore! This training teaches you hardware hacking in its most pragmatic aspects by using both theory and practice (hands-on). It follows a simple (but efficient) training methodology based on a "Discover / Analyze / Attack & Protect" guideline that can be applied to any kind of hardware product (Internet of Insecure Things included). Each student will receive a Hardsploit hardware hacking tool, with a value of 250 euros.

Registrations will be opened on the 1st of July. Early-bird registration till the 1st of August!
The training location will be Novotel Ghent Centrum.

All training details and registration links can be found on the BruCON training pages (link)

your BruCON team.

Jun 21, 2016

Brucon 0x08 Talks and Workshops

It's taken us a bit of time and some hard deliberation, but here are your talks and workshops for Brucon 0x08 !!

Firstly we'd like to thank everyone who took the time to submit. We had some truly awesome talks and workshops submitted and it was difficult to whittle it down to the final list.

So without further ado...


  • "Building a Successful Internal Adversarial Simulation Team" - Chris Nickerson and Chris Gates
  • "What Does the Perfect Door or Padlock Look Like?" - Deviant Ollam
  • "New Adventures in Active Defense, Offensive Countermeasures and Hacking Back" - John Strand
  • "NO EASY BREACH:Challenges and Lessons Learned from an Epic Investigation" - Matthew Dunwoody and Nicholas Carr
  • "Decepticon The Rise and Evolution of an Intelligent Evil Twin…!!!" - Rushikesh Nandedkar, Amrita Iyer and Krishnakant Patil
  • "Hello to the Dark Side: Understanding YOUR Adversaries without All Those Expensive Threat Intel Tools" - L. Grecs
  • "Security through design - Making security better by designing for people" - Jelle Niemantsverdriet
  • "Esoteric Web Application Vulnerabilities" - Andres Riancho
  • "Invoke-Obfuscation: PowerShell obFUsk8tion Techniques & How To (Try To) D""e`Tec`T 'Th'+'em'" - Daniel Bohannon
  • "Virtual Terminals, POS Security and becoming a billionaire overnight" - Grigorios Fragkos
  • "Hacking KPN: Lessons from the trenches" - Jeremy Goldstein and Bouke van Laethem
  • "Scraping leaky browsers for fun and passwords" - Stefaan Truijen, Adrian Toma and Arne Swinnen
  • "Smart Sheriff, Dumb Idea. The wild west of government assisted parenting" - Abraham Aranguren, Fabian Fäßler and Abraham Aranguren
  • Talk title incoming...listen to "Last Writes" at full volume in the mean time - Dual Core


  • "The Control Things Workshop" - Justin Searle
  • "Hacking The Enterprise" - Eden Froemming and Wim Remes
  • "Hello Friend: Creating a Threat Intelligence Capability" - Rebekah Brown and Scott J Roberts
  • "Brewcon" - Chris Lytle
  • "Hunting Malware with osquery at scale" - Nick Anderson, Sereyvathana Ty and Javier Marcos
  • "Analyzing Malicious Office Documents" - Didier Stevens
  • "Incident Response Workshop" - Maxim Deweerdt and Erik Van Buggenhout
  • "Crowdsourced Malware Triage: Making Sense of Malware With a Browser and a Notepad" - Sergei Frankoff and Sean Wilson
  • "How to securely build your own IoT enabling embedded systems: from design to execution and assessment" - Jens Devloo, Jean-Georges Valle and Vito Rallo
  • "802.11 Leakage: How passive interception leads to active exploitation: I now know where you live, work, and play, and oh btw, I have also MiTM'd your smart phone and laptop" - Solomon Sonya and Solomon Sonya
  • "Putting a lock around your containers with Docker Security Primitives" - Nils De Moor
  • "Visual Network and File Forensics using Rudra" - Ankur Tyagi

We will be publishing more detailed information on each of the talks in the coming weeks.
The training program will be announced soon ! 

In the mean time, we will be working on getting tickets ready for purchase.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Ghent in October !!

BruCON Crew

May 3, 2016

Brucon 2016 CFP Extension

Greetings all
As you may know already (or know now for certain) the Brucon 2016 CFP has been extended by two weeks. This means it will close for good on Sunday the 15th of May  at midnight CET.
This give all of you a little more time to submit your talks to our awesome little conference.
Submissions that have arrived before May 1st 2016 will have a preference over the submissions that arrive during the extension.

CFP feedback will be sent before May 30th 2016. All accepted talks and
workshops will be published before June 15th 2016.

If there are any issues with the submission site please give a heads-up. Send your submission by mail as a last resort.
The CFP is available here:

The Brucon team looks forward to welcoming you all again in October.
.Brucon Team.

Mar 24, 2016

Spring Training Update

We are appalled by the recent attacks that took place last Tuesday in Brussels. With regards to the current situation, we will keep an eye on the travel advice to Belgium during the coming weeks.
Since our Spring trainings are still a few weeks away, we currently see no reason to cancel this event.