May 8, 2014

BruCON 0x06 Line-up and Early-Bird Registrations

Hello there BruCONneers!

Over the past month we have been chewing over the CFP submissions. We received really great proposals and had to make some tough choices. And finally, white smoke!

We are thrilled to propose you the Line-Up for BruCON 0x06:

  • Adam Shostack, Veteran startup CTO and author focused on bringing security and privacy to customers. Currently doing so at Microsoft.
  • Jennifer Minella, VP of Engineering & consulting CISO at Carolina Advanced Digital, Mindfulness Evangelist

  • Hendrik Adrian - Let's help law enforcement more to drag malware actors into the law
  • Joe Grand - Using Superpowers for PCB Reverse Engineering
  • Daan Raman - A distributed approach to mobile malware scanning
  • Zoz - Hacking Driverless Vehicles
  • snare & rzn - Thunderbolts and Lightning / Very, Very Frightening
  • Krzysztof Kotowicz - Biting into the forbidden fruit. Lessons from trusting JavaScript crypto
  • Ryan Kazanciyan and Matt Hastings - Investigating PowerShell Attacks
  • Matthew Halchyshak and Joseph Tartaro - Cyber Necromancy: Resurrecting the Dead (Game Servers)
  • Aaron Lemasters - Windows Crash Dump Exploration
  • Arne Swinnen and Alaeddine Mesbahi - One packer to rule them all: Empirical identification, comparison and circumvention of current Antivirus detection techniques
  • Zoz and Joe Grand - The Projects Of Prototype This
  • Adam Schoeman - Data transforming your sewage into signatures - lessons learnt from building a hybrid honeypot named Amber
  • Noel Dunne and Paco Hope - Security Makes Strange Bedfellows: Using Legal and Procurement To Secure Software
  • Markus Vervier - Stealing a Mobile Identity Using Wormholes


  • Philip Polstra - Autonomous Remote Hacking Drones
  • Michael Sikorski - Counterfeiting the Pipes with FakeNet 2.0
  • Hal Pomeranz - Linux Forensics Workshop
  • Solomon Sonya - Splinter the RAT Attack: Create Your Own Botnet to Exploit the Network
  • Chris Lytle and Leigh Lytle - Old School Crypto
  • Willi Ballenthin - “EID 1102 - The audit log was cleared” won’t stop me: Advanced Windows Event Log Forensics
  • Wim Remes and Daniela Zapata - The dirty secrets of client-side exploitation and protection
  • Jake Valletta - Exploiting the Bells and Whistles: Uncovering OEM Vulnerabilities in Android
  • Vivek Ramachandran - Javascript for Pentesters with over 20 Challenges
  • Machtelt Garrels - Beer brewing workshop
  • DJ Jackalope - DJ workshop

  • Ocean Lam (Hong Kong)
  • DJ Jackalope (Las Vegas)
  • keroSerene (Serene Han, pianist)

  • Hardware Hacking by Joe Grand (2 day training)
  • Wireshark Packet Class by Didier Stevens (2 day training)
  • Advanced Wi-Fi Pentesting by Vivek Ramachandran (2 day training)
  • Historical and Modern Cryptography for Security Professionals by Chris Lytle & Dan Crowle (2 day training)
  • Telco Security: Hacking Core Network Protocols and Beyond by Philippe Langlois (2 day training)
  • Digital Forensics with Open Source Tools by Frédéric Baguelin (2 day training)
  • Hands-on Penetration Testing by Georgia Weidman (3 day training)
  • ARM Android Xploitation by Aseem Jakhar & Aditya Gupta (3 day training)
  • Practical Malware Analysis: Rapid Introduction by Michael Sikorski (3 day training)

You might want to come earlier, as we have some extra activities on Wednesday 24-Sep in the pipeline :-)

Early Bird registration is now open for the conference and the trainings!


the BruCON team

Apr 7, 2014

BruCON 2014 - First Announcements

Hello there BruCONneers!

Over the past few months we've been busy preparing our Spring Trainings (tip : you can still register!) but that doesn't mean we haven't focused on our main event : BruCON 2014 aka BruCON 0x06.

As you've come to expect from us we are always on the lookout for speakers, trainers and side-events that are exceptional and bring information and knowledge to our audiences and the information security community in general. I can honestly say that the BruCON team has come out in force and we're building up a schedule that any European information security professional will find exciting.

As the stars start to align, we can share the following with you.


Joe Grand - Hardware Hacking Training
Having Joe Grand offering his two-day Hardware Hacking Training at BruCON is one thing we are very happy with. This is the ONLY time this year that Joe will offer his training in Europe, period. As security moves closer to the silicon, hardware hacking is becoming core to any information security professional's skill set. Being able to learn from Joe, who has been a luminary in the field by no stretch of the imagination, is something we are super-excited about and we're proud to provide this opportunity to our BruCON audience.


Adam Shostack
We're proud to announce that Adam Shostack has agreed to come to BruCON as our keynote speaker. It's hard to imagine your life as an information security professional without the contributions Adam has made to our field of knowledge. He's been a key contributor to CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) and one of the core developers of the Microsoft SDL Threat Modeling methodology, including the Elevation of Privileges card game. Adam has written several books, including his most recent "Threat Modeling - designing for security".

Jennifer Minella
Jennifer works at Carolina Advanced Digital, Inc. and is a board member of (ISC)2. She focuses on specialized areas of infrastructure security, including network access control, 802.1X, wireless technologies and SCADA/ICS and DCS. Those that know here refer to her as "a force of nature" and "one of the kindest human beings" they've ever met. She will, without a doubt, captivate the BruCON audience and we're proud to have her on board this year.


The BruCON party has become a staple at our event and a place where our audience comes to relax after a hard day of learning and exchanging knowledge. This year will be no different and we're also paying attention to this department. We're once again excited to announce the two first DJs for this years party :

Ocean Lam (Hong Kong)
DJ Jackalope (Las Vegas)

It will once again be a jam-packed BruCON event and we can't wait to have all of you over again in September. It won't be too long now before we can announce the full schedule as we have concluded the 2014 CFP and we continue to negotiate with great trainers and organizers of exciting side-events (CTF, workshops, ...).

Watch this space for further announcements :-)


the BruCON team

Jan 23, 2014

BruCON 0x06 CFP is open

This is the call for papers (CFP) for talks and workshops for the 6th edition of BruCON, a 2-day Security and Hacking Conference full of interesting presentations, workshops and security challenges. BruCON is an open-minded gathering of people discussing computer security, privacy, and information technology. The conference tries to create bridges between the various actors active in computer security world including (but not limited to) hackers, security professionals, security communities, non-profit organizations, CERTs, students, law enforcement agencies,etc. The conference will be held in Ghent on the 25th and 26th of September 2014. 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to :
* Electronic/Digital Privacy
* Wireless Network and Security
* Attacks on Information Systems and/or Digital Information Storage
* Web Application and Web Services Security
* Lockpicking & physical security
* Honeypots/Honeynets
* Spyware, Phishing and Botnets (Distributed attacks)
* Hardware hacking, embedded systems and other electronic devices
* Mobile devices exploitation, Symbian, P2K and bluetooth technologies
* Electronic Voting
* Free Software and Security
* Legal and Social Aspect of Information Security
* Software Engineering and Security
* Security in Information Retrieval
* Security aspects in SCADA, industrial environments and "obscure" networks
* Forensics and Anti-Forensics
* Mobile communications security and vulnerabilities
* Information warfare and industrial espionage
* Social Engineering
* Virtualisation Security
* ...

Possibly formats are:
* 1hr talk
* 2hr workshop (preferably hands on)
* 4hr workshop (preferably hands on)

How to submit:
Submissions will contain as much detail as possible and will be written in English.
This year we use EasyChair to collect and review talk and workshop proposals.
You will submit your proposal online:
Your submission will contain at least the following details:
* Your name
* Where do you live (country)
* How to reach you
* The title of your talk/workshop, including type [talk|2h workshop|4h workshop]
* An abstract of your talk/workshop, including a brief biography
* A number of keywords to characterise your submission
* Additionally you are encouraged to include, in plain text or PDF format, supporting materials such as slidedecks, white papers, curriculums, prerequisites for talk/workshop, ...

Our speaker treatment hasn't changed since the first year. You're our guest and we will do anything to make your stay and experience as enjoyable as possible. This includes helping you with travel and accomodation and providing ample opportunities to sample the best of whatever Belgium has to offer. You know what we're talking about so ... submit now!

This CFP closes on March 31st 2014 at midnight CET -- CFP feedback will be sent before April 30th 2014. All talks will be published before May 15th 2014.

Small print: We do not accept product or vendor related pitches. If your presentation involves an advertisement for a new product or service your company is offering, please do not submit. Also, we do not accept presentations submitted by a third party including (but not limited to) company representatives, management bureau's, etc. BruCON presentations should be focused on topics that are of interest to security and technology professionals who are paying attention to current trends and issues. We want BruCON to be educational and entertaining to the attendees and the community.

Dec 3, 2013

2014 5by5 announcement

Hackers and security enthusiasts of the world,

In 2013 we launched our first 5by5 program. We set aside 25,000 euros to sponsor independent research and contributions to the information security field and sponsored projects with a maximum of 5,000 euros. As BruCON we were very happy with the results and we hope the security community enjoyed this as well.

It was good. So good that for 2014 we will do it all over again. As of today we are launching our call for projects! Any project of an independent non-commercial nature will be considered for the 5by5 program and BruCON will work together with the participants to contribute to its success.

These are the rules for 5by5 2014:

  • Submit a detailed description of your project, its goals and its milestones to before January 1st 2014. You will be informed of acceptance before January 15th 2014.
  • If your team includes more than 1 person, nominate a primary contact for 5by5 correspondence.
There are no limitations towards the projects. We accept new initiatives or projects that are already under development for a while. As long as it is relevant for the information security space we will add it to the list for consideration.

After acceptance, you will be assigned a 5by5 Mentor. This person will work with you to keep an eye on progress of the project, determine milestones and he/she will be your guide through the whole process. 

From BruCON 5by5, you can expect :
  • Project sponsorship/contribution up to 5,000eur
  • Project mentorship by an experienced community member
  • A venue to put your project in the spotlight at BruCON 2014 (travel+hotel covered by BruCON)
  • Eternal gratitude from the information security community
We look forward to your submissions and another successful BruCON year!

RockON BruCON!

The BruCON team

Nov 28, 2013

Extra BruCON Spring Trainings 2014

BruCON edition 0x06 will take place in Ghent on 22-26 September 2014 next year. The conference on 25-26 September, and the regular BruCON trainings  on 22-24 September 2014.

Our BruCON trainings have always been highly successful and well attended in the last 5 editions.
On popular demand we organize an extra batch of BruCON Spring Trainings on 23-25 April 2014!

We are extremely proud to present a fine line up of trainers and topics:
  • Rapid Reverse Engineering by Russ Gideon (Attack Research)
  • Assessing and Exploiting Web Apps with SamuraiWTF by John Sawyer (InGuardians)
  • Pentesting Smart Grid and SCADA with SamuraiSTFU by Justin Searle (UtiliSec)
  • Corelan Live! by Peter Van Eeckhoutte (Corelan GCV)
  • Offensive HTML, SVG, CSS and other Browser-Evil by Mario Heiderich (Cure53)

The training location will be Novotel Ghent Centrum.

Training details and registration will soon be available, make sure to reserve your agendas and training budgets and keep an eye on @BruCON.

your BruCON team.

Sep 2, 2013

Training in the spotlight: Hacking PDF by Didier Stevens

We have some great trainings lined up for you at BruCON this year.
Just to make it even harder for you to choose one, we will put some of these trainings in the spotlight.

The second training is Hacking PDF, taught by Didier Stevens. Didier is a pioneer in malicious PDF document research, and has developed several tools to help with the analysis of malicious PDF documents. Steven on this unique training:

"What do you want from training? I want to gain knowledge. I designed my “Hacking PDF” training with this goal in mind.
“Hacking PDF” is a 2-day training focusing on the PDF language, not on reversing PDF readers. By attending this training, you will first acquire knowledge about the PDF language. And then we will use this knowledge to analyze malicious PDFs (day 1) and create PDFs for fun and profit (day 2).
Learning to use tools is nice, and learning new skills is interesting. But I want more. I also want to get a deep understanding of the subject. Because with this knowledge, I can develop new tools and invent new techniques.
On day one I explain the fundamentals of the PDF language. We take a look at several features of the language that malware authors use and abuse. And then we start analyzing PDFs. You learn to use my tools pdfid and pdf-parser on 20 simple PDF exercises. The exercise is to find the malicious behavior of the PDF, the goal is to gain understanding of PDF malware. And then we move on to the real deal: analyzing real, in-the-wild PDF malware.
On day two we use our understanding of the PDF language and PDF malware to create our own PDF files and modify existing PDF files. This is done with pure Python tools and other free tools. Adobe products are not used in this training, except to view PDFs. We will learn to do simple and smart fuzzing of PDFs, create PDFs that exploit vulnerabilities in PDF readers, embed files and PDFs, and a lot of other interesting hacks … 
You can find a “Hacking PDF” slideshow here:
There are not many pre-requisites for this training:
  1. You don’t need to know anything about PDF, I will teach you what we need to know.
  2. We use Python scripts, but you don’t need to be a Python programmer. We will modify existing scripts, so a bit of programming knowledge like if statements and loops is enough.
  3. Not need to understand assembly or shellcode, we use a shellcode emulator. And I will provide you the shellcode for day 2, you do not need to write it yourself.
  4. You need to be at ease with the command-line
  5. A security mindset is an advantage ;-)"

Aug 29, 2013

New workshop and hackaton announcement: Cuckoo Sandbox @ BruCON

We are thrilled to announce to have a Cuckoo Sandbox hackaton and workshop at BruCON!

Cuckoo Sandbox is an open source for automating the dynamic analysis of malware. It allows you to run and monitor any suspicious file inside an isolated environment and collect indicators and evidences of its behavior.

Cuckoo is growing to be an established but complex software and there are many features, improvements and fixes that are yet to be developed.

At Brucon core developers, contributors and users will be able to sit down to discuss, hack, break (and possibly build) Cuckoo Sandbox and wonder about the future of fighting malware.

A 4 hour workshop will also be included in the - soon to be published - schedule.

Kind regards,

The BruCON crew