Feb 23, 2009

Calling volunteers for our hacking challenge

During the conference, a Hacker's Challenge will be running. The main organizer of the challenge is looking for skilled people who can help him set up stuff.

The main tasks would be to "invent" easy-to-difficult challenges on different domains (for example):
  • Hacker Trivia
  • Malware analysis
  • Web Application Hacking
  • Forensics
  • etc.....
This is a temporary list and is not exhaustive and might be subject to change. The challenge is meant to learn participants some practical skills in the different domains of security. Wether you're a novice network admin or a l33t packet ninja, the purpose is to learn some skills that might be useful by way of a fun and hands on contest.

So the purpose of this 'hacking challenge' is *not* to learn
  • how to hack into your girlfriend's hotmail account
  • hack into the pentagon network in search for UFO evidence
  • write banking trojans and become a member of the RBN
  • become a l33t haxxor to impress your friends
I hope that this explanation is crystal clear to some of the people that asked for more explanation about the "hacking" challenges of our conference.

Drop us an email or reply on Linkedin if interested. For those who are not volunteering, start reading up on all those books or ebooks lying around, the challenge will feature a very cool price !!!

(Photo under creative commons from Spiff_27)

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