Mar 27, 2009

Brucon Workshop #3: Wireless auditing

We all know that WEP encryption is not much better then no encryption at all. But how strong is WPA encryption today? Should you move to WPA2? How secure is your wireless network against rainbowtables? Find out how to audit your own network during our wireless workshop and how to secure it.
Thomas d'Otreppe, creator of aircrack-ng, is a graduate of
the Haute Ecole de Bruxelles (informatics high school in in Brussels). He has
also designed WiFu, a proactive wireless security course, with Mati

During this workshop, I'll tackle different scenarios that could happen during an audit of WiFi networks (Open, WEP and WPA). Including the use of CUDA and FPGA to accelerate bruteforcing. Aircrack-ng is not only meant for auditing wireless networks, it can also be used for site surveys and different tools based on it will be presented:- Airgraph-ng, graphing wireless networks and its integration in Maltego.- GISKismet, representing wireless networks in Google earth.- And more...

There will also be a contest. More details will follow
(Photo under creative commons from's photostream)

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