Mar 17, 2009

Hakin9 joins Brucon as media sponsor

Brucon is proud to announce Hakin9 as our first media partner.

Hakin9 is a bimonthly magazine about IT security and hacking techniques. It presents methods of breaking into computer systems, defence and protection methods. Their magazine is useful for all those interested in hacking - both professionals (IT Security officers, system administrators, security specialists) and hobbyists.

CCCure is known as one of the world's best education resource. As such we are VERY selective in our partnership. We are proud to be associated with Hakin9, it is the only magazine that cover security from both an offensive and defensive point of view. It is great to know about the latest vulnerabilities but it is a lot better if you fully understand how they can be used against you and how your assets could be exploited and taken advantage of. Hakin9 is a must read for any security professionals who wish to have a broad view of their environment threats and the desire to proactively defend it by knowing the secrets that are usually only shared between crackers. A subcription to Hakin9 is money very well invested. I strongly recommend the magazine to all.

Clement Dupuis, CD
President, Founder, and Security Evangelist

Hakin9 offers an in-depth look at both attack and defense techniques and concentrates on complex technical and highly practical issues. The Hakin9 magazine is published in other countries and language versions:

    • in English (in the USA, Australia, Holland, Singapore);
    • in German (in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Belgium);
    • in French (in France, Canada, Luxembourg, Belgium, Marocco);
    • in Polish (in Poland).

The official Hakin9 website:

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