May 13, 2009

Announcing the first part of the #brucon speaker track

Brucon is proud to announce the first part of the main speaker track:
  • Christofer Hoff - Cloudifornication - Indiscriminate Information Intercourse Involving Internet Infrastructure
  • Vincent Rijmen - Trusted Cryptography
  • Chris Nickerson - Red and Tiger Team
  • Chris Gates - Open Source Information Gathering
  • Jayson E. Street - “I am walking through a city made of glass and I have a bag full of rocks” (Dispelling the myths and discussing the facts of Global Cyber-Warfare)
  • Paul James Craig - Rage Against The Kiosk
  • Eric Vyncke - Transition to IPv6 on the Internet: Threats and Mitigation Techniques
  • Eric Adrien Filiol - How to prepare, coordinate and conduct a cyber attack
  • Esther Schneeweisz - Building Hackerspaces Everywhere
  • Brian Honan - Knowing Me Knowing You (The dangers of social networks)
  • Mario Heiderich - Malicious Markup - I thought you were my friend - cycle 3
The full program with more details of the presentations and ticket sales will soon be available. We are starting with an early bird pricing in addition to the chance to win a first class security course for the 50 first payments!!! Stay tuned for more news!! Follow through the RSS feed or email updates (right side panel).

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