May 15, 2009

BruCON is looking for crew members

As the first stages of organizing the conference are done, there is still a lot of work to be done. As BruCON is a non-profit organization, we still depend on volunteers to help with the conference. Here is a small overview of skills we are looking for:
  • BruCON CPU: organizational skills, coordination of activities and communication with external parties. Do you have people management skills, become a CPU!
  • BruCON Hologram: graphical design (posters, brochures, logos,...), web design, marketing skills, SEO, web 2.0 and social media skills,.. Got any of these skills, then you are perfect to become a BruCON hologram!
  • Brucon BOFH: maintain the webserver, set up the BruCON conference network, become a BruCON wiki admin, help program the CTF competition,.....
  • BruCON Sonic Screwdriver: be our hands and ears during the event. Help us set up the rooms, help the visitors, physical security, entrance checks, etc....
Are you enthusiastic about BruCON and want to help us out? Dedicated crew members get free entrance, an exclusive BruCON Tshirt and free lunch. Limited seats are available.

Come to the next Crew meeting on May Friday the 29th at 18:30 in Cafee Le Dome (Kruidtuinlaan 12, Brussels) or email us at volunteers (email$ign) brucon dot org. Don't forget to mark our meeting in your calendar!

(Photo under creative commons from dearbarbie's photostream)

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