Jun 19, 2009

The Hex Factor - win a prize during #BruCON

What do you do when you are between presentations, or if the talk doesn't interest you that much? There are a lot of other activities during the conference, join one of the hackerspaces or instructors in a free workshop. Give a lightning talk. Still can't find something interesting to do? Sit down in our cool hacklounge and join a little challenge!!!

Well, there is nothing better than sitting behind your laptop and playing a Capture-The-Flag game, oh wait, no ... BruCon does not have that ... or a Hacking Challenge ... or a Elite Contest ... or ... what the hell. Who cares about the name? We introduce you "The Hex Factor"

During the whole conference, The Hex Factor will be available for those who want to test their skills. You don't have to be a security expert to participate. It is intended for everyone and for all levels of expertise, ranging from basic level (Padawans) to the more experience people amongst us. Network administrators, programmers, students, everyone can introduce themselves into several security aspects that can be useful in their daily tasks.

A group of local people, including Didier Stevens (PDF trickery), Pieter Danhieux (Pentesting instructor at SANS Institute), Hillar Leoste (ShadowServer/Zone-H) and some other brave souls (Benoit , Frederic, Koen, Daan and Erik) have worked for a few months to setup an infrastructure where you can play around, learn new skills, show your knowledge and experience in different domains:

  • Once upon a time (level 100 and 200): The history and culture of hacking. Who do you know about important history and security attacks from the past?
  • Pwned (level 100, 200 and 300): Penetration testing where you need brains. Ok, you know about vulnerabilities ... but how are they actually abused by attackers?
  • Binary Fu (level 100, 200 and 300): Reverse Engineering taken to the top.
  • Pure leetness (level 100, 200 and 300): Do you have what it takes to become a succesful researcher? Do you like brain-teasers and crunching on numbers? This is the level where the chaotic hacker will beat the structured pentester ...

There will be prices for the winners of the challenge ranging from a free security course, to some cool hardware like a pre-installed pentesting netbook ...Follow the wiki for details.

Try The Hex Factor and show us your Foo.

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