Jun 30, 2009

A small contest: win a discount and some free stickers (updated)

To give our visitors a small sample of "The Hex Factor", we are doing a little contest. Here is a file from the reverse engineering track. There is a hidden message within the file. The first person that posts the message in the comment of this post, gets a 10% ticket discount1 and some BruCON and "PDF - Penetration Document Format" + "How is my Hacking(.com)" stickers donated by Didier Stevens.

UPDATE: Comment settings were a bit strict because of initial blog spam. We changed settings but comments still will be moderated. It seems the challenge was easy but it wasn't our purpose to make it hard (this time). Kasperle from Aachen, please contact us at info attsign brucon.org for your contact details and we will ship you your prize. We will post the solution of the challenge in a few days. Feel free to give it a try on how to find the answer.

1 Discount does not apply in combination with other promotions


  1. Come see the Beerduino!

    Hardest part was finding someone who has an account for posting comments.

    Are corporate discounts available? ;)

    Regards from Aachen

    Patrick and Lutz

  2. Come see the Beerduino!



  3. Oooh..seems like comments were not getting through as when I submitted there were no other comments (I guess it was the same for the other guys too). Looking at the comment timestamps, the first guy(s) reported back before I even started :/.

    Thanks Didier - you were gentle on us for this one - when I saw the vbanner2.jpg filename I was wondering what level of obfuscation I'd need to break through. I have a feeling you will make the rest harder :).

    First time I played with your PDF parser tool (well, PDF analysis in general) - very nifty.

    Congrats Patrick & Lutz - I'll buy you a beer :)

  4. Pff it's no fun when it's already resolved when I discover it ;-)
    May I suggest next time to first tell when you'll disclose the game (e.g. 24h later) then everybody is indeed on the same starting blocks.

    BTW here's how it can be resumed:
    - unzip brucon-t1.pdf.zip
    - pdftk brucon-t1.pdf output brucon-t2.pdf uncompress
    - recoverjpeg -b1 brucon-t2.pdf
    - see image00000.jpg

  5. @craigb You're welcome.

    We believe The Hex Factor will present a good mix of challenges. Some harder than this one, but some also easier. We want every attendee to have the opportunity to solve some challenges. But as this is the first time we organize The Hex Factor, it's difficult to assess the skill levels of the attendees.

    For example, the easiest level of the reverse engineering challenges doesn't require assembly language skills.

  6. @PhilT

    I'll probably post a challenge on my blog next month with the opportunity to win stickers. Will think how to provide advance notice. Twitter will definitely be used for advance notice: @DidierStevens