Jul 23, 2009

BruCON Podcast ep1: Introduction and Hackerspaces Talk with astera

What started as a joke while drinking beers, has become a real experiment. Some of the crew thought it would be fun to do a BruCON podcast. With only basic equipment, they will be interviewing some of the speakers to give you a better view of the contents of the BruCON talks. We will also do some podcast interviews during the conference to give a feeling of the atmosphere there.

The first edition gives a view about how BruCON started and is followed by an interview with astera about the hackerspaces movement.

For the second episode, we will interview Jayson E. Street about Cyberwarfare.

You can download it through this XML feed or get it through iTunes.

If you want us to interview certain people or cover specific parts of the event, you can send your feedback to podcast atsign brucon.org.

(Photo under creative commons from Josh Bancroft's photostream)

Jul 20, 2009

BruCON auction for EFF and Hackerspaces

Some volunteers are organizing an auction for the benefit of some organizations and projects like the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and some of the local Hackerspaces. We are still looking for some items to sell at the auction. Do you still have items that are worth selling (hardware, books, etc...)? Please add it to the list and bring it to the conference.

Jul 14, 2009

Announcing the early bird ticket winner

Mr. Erik Vanderhasselt is the lucky winner of the Offensive Security course. We congratulate him and will send him further details soon.

In addition, we want to thank Offensive Security for offering the course.

You still have a chance to subscribe to one of the three security courses organized by BruCON.

Two day trainings are available before the conference by some industry experts:
  • Crash course in Penetration Testing (By Joe McCray, and Chris Gates)
Chris Gates is the founder of Full Scope Security performing full scope penetration testing and security engineering. Previous jobs includes full scope penetration tester for one of the DoD Red Teams and Army Signal Officer spending gobs of time in layer 2 and layer 3 land. EthicalHacker.net columnist and security blogger. Former speaker at SOURCE Boston 09, NotACon ,Toorcon X and ChicagoCon. He is scheduled to speak BlackHat USA 2009 and Defcon 17.

Joe McCray has 8 years of experience in the security industry with a diverse background that includes network and web application penetration testing, forensics, training, and regulatory compliance. Joe is a frequent presenter at security conferences, and has taught the CISSP, CEH, CHFI, Security+, and Web Application Security at Johns Hopkins University (JHU), University of Maryland Baltimore College (UMBC), and several other technical training centers across the country
  • Web 2.0 Hacking – Attacks and Defense (By Shreeraj Shah)
Shreeraj Shah, B.E., MSCS, MBA, is the founder of Blueinfy, a company that provides application security services. Prior to founding Blueinfy, he was founder and board member at Net Square. He also worked with Foundstone (McAfee), Chase Manhattan Bank and IBM in security space. He is also the author of popular books like Hacking Web Services (Thomson 06) and Web Hacking: Attacks and Defense (Addison-Wesley 03). In addition, he has published several advisories, tools, and whitepapers, and has presented at numerous conferences including RSA, AusCERT, InfosecWorld (Misti), HackInTheBox, Blackhat, OSCON, Bellua, Syscan, ISACA etc. His articles are regularly published on Securityfocus, InformIT, DevX, O’reilly, HNS. His work has been quoted on BBC, Dark Reading, Bank Technology as an expert.
  • Social Engineering testing for IT Security professionals (By Sharon Conheady)
Sharon Conheady is a social engineer/penetration tester at First Defence Information Security in the UK. She has social engineered her way into dozens of organisations across the UK and abroad, including company offices, sports stadiums, government facilities and more. Former speaker at Deepsec, Recon, CONFidence, ISSE, ISF, SANS Secure Europe and more.
Go to the training page for more information.

Jul 9, 2009

Club Mate available @ BruCON

Due to popular demand, we will serve Club Mate at BruCON. Club Mate is a caffeinated carbonated Mate-extract beverage. For more info on the beverage, click here.