Aug 24, 2009

7 days of discount #brucon tickets available and last training seats

Brucon is getting nearer, it looks like it is going to be an awesome event.
  • Internet access will be native ipv6 and we'll have a gigabit uplink
  • The lounge will be filled with fun stuff to do and see (amonst others the Hex challenge). It will have an arcade / space invaders theme.
  • A great selection of Belgian beers will be available and let's not forget Club Mate
  • There are some dinners and guided tours available for those arriving early. Check the wiki for more information
  • Last but not least the BruCON afterparty.
Don't forget that our discount tickets end at the 31th of August. That leaves you with 7 days to complete your registration before prices will increase.

There are also some seats left for the BruCON training courses. Don't miss this chance to follow a course from one of these renowned trainers.
  • Crash course in Penetration Testing (By Joe McCray, and Chris Gates)
  • Web 2.0 Hacking – Attacks and Defense (By Shreeraj Shah)
  • Social Engineering testing for IT Security professionals (By Sharon Conheady)
Go to the training page for more information.

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