Aug 20, 2009

BruCON Podcast ep2: Jayson E Street about Cyberwarfare

Those who subscribed to the iTunes channel already noticed the release of episode 2. You can download it through this XML feed or get it through iTunes.

Episode 2 shownotes:

Getting our groove on with a good beat, this time contributed by Dave Lewis (@gattaca on twitter) of . Much to our amazement this dude laces the tracks with heavy basses that grab you by the throat in this track named 'Crisis' (the title seems appropriate to an infosec podcast) by his music project Mescaline.

On with the show. We got into a good discussion about information security, cyberwarfare and privacy with Jayson E. Street. Jayson will be speaking at the Brucon conference in September (don't tell me you have yet to book your ticket, right?) and was awarded the prize for the longest title. Apart from being an extremely likable guy, he's very knowledgeable on the subject and he's a published author. If we are not misinformed, his book "Dissecting the hack" (Syngress '09) was launched in Vegas last week. Have a look at it.

Interesting links for this episode :

We will release episode 3 real soon. Keep watching the blog because there will be another contest in the next week.

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