Sep 10, 2009

The HEX Factor prices during BruCON

From The Hex Factor Team:

"In the last months, you had the chance to get a sneak preview on some of the typical challenges (PDF Challenge & WifiPuzzle) that will be included in The Hex Factor during BruCON. Today, we are happy to announce that

1. Everything is on schedule (read: we are still alive, we still have girlfriends ... at least some of us do, systems are running) and the challenges are ready to torture any gray cells in your haxx0rzzbrainzz.

2. The Hex Factor will run from 9am on day one, until 7pm on day two. During the first evening, after the conference venue closes, you can continue playing from HackerSpace Brussels until they kick you out (or Club Mate runs out) :-)

3. We have prices! Yes, thanks to some generous sponsors (CompuCity Hasselt, Offensive Security and the BruCON organizers), we have the following prices available:
  • First price: showroom model of the Asus EEE PC 900 White Azerty
  • Everyone who ends up in the Top 10: there are three Extra Large and two Large t-shirts of the following designs
  • One Offensive Security - Pentesting with BackTrack will be randomly given to a participant. Initially, this was our first price ... but then again, when you manage to score so much points, I do not think you need any additional training, do you?
We will be located in the Lounge during the whole conference and if you want to try any social engineering on us ... (hint: beers++ or coins-for-beers++) we will all be wearing one of the The Hex Factor t-shirts that you can order yourself from our webshop.

If you do not want to know how far the rabbit hole goes (Justin's talk in #track 1), but instead want to create the rabbit hole yourself ... you can join us on day one at 10am in Track 2 for an introduction on how to start playing! "

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