Jun 30, 2009

A small contest: win a discount and some free stickers (updated)

To give our visitors a small sample of "The Hex Factor", we are doing a little contest. Here is a file from the reverse engineering track. There is a hidden message within the file. The first person that posts the message in the comment of this post, gets a 10% ticket discount1 and some BruCON and "PDF - Penetration Document Format" + "How is my Hacking(.com)" stickers donated by Didier Stevens.

UPDATE: Comment settings were a bit strict because of initial blog spam. We changed settings but comments still will be moderated. It seems the challenge was easy but it wasn't our purpose to make it hard (this time). Kasperle from Aachen, please contact us at info attsign brucon.org for your contact details and we will ship you your prize. We will post the solution of the challenge in a few days. Feel free to give it a try on how to find the answer.

1 Discount does not apply in combination with other promotions

Jun 26, 2009

Closing early bird tickets and a few days extensions

Since some of our mailings only went out at the last moment, we are extending the early bird tickets with a few days. To be eligible for early bird fees, you have to register on the 3rd of July at the latest and we must have received your payment on the 6th of July at the latest.

After this point, it will not be possible anymore and you won't have a chance to win the Offensive Security (Backtrack) course.

(Photo under creative commons from Hryck.'s photostream)

Jun 23, 2009

Two weekly Volunteer meeting

Just a reminder for the volunteers that tomorrow (Wednesday evening) 18:30 is our two-weekly meeting. All the dates and location or other information is available on the volunteer part of the wiki.

Our gathering point for meetings is:

Brasserie (Hotel) Le Dome
Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 9
1000 Bruxelles

Thank you in advance for coming!

Jun 19, 2009

The Hex Factor - win a prize during #BruCON

What do you do when you are between presentations, or if the talk doesn't interest you that much? There are a lot of other activities during the conference, join one of the hackerspaces or instructors in a free workshop. Give a lightning talk. Still can't find something interesting to do? Sit down in our cool hacklounge and join a little challenge!!!

Well, there is nothing better than sitting behind your laptop and playing a Capture-The-Flag game, oh wait, no ... BruCon does not have that ... or a Hacking Challenge ... or a Elite Contest ... or ... what the hell. Who cares about the name? We introduce you "The Hex Factor"

During the whole conference, The Hex Factor will be available for those who want to test their skills. You don't have to be a security expert to participate. It is intended for everyone and for all levels of expertise, ranging from basic level (Padawans) to the more experience people amongst us. Network administrators, programmers, students, everyone can introduce themselves into several security aspects that can be useful in their daily tasks.

A group of local people, including Didier Stevens (PDF trickery), Pieter Danhieux (Pentesting instructor at SANS Institute), Hillar Leoste (ShadowServer/Zone-H) and some other brave souls (Benoit , Frederic, Koen, Daan and Erik) have worked for a few months to setup an infrastructure where you can play around, learn new skills, show your knowledge and experience in different domains:

  • Once upon a time (level 100 and 200): The history and culture of hacking. Who do you know about important history and security attacks from the past?
  • Pwned (level 100, 200 and 300): Penetration testing where you need brains. Ok, you know about vulnerabilities ... but how are they actually abused by attackers?
  • Binary Fu (level 100, 200 and 300): Reverse Engineering taken to the top.
  • Pure leetness (level 100, 200 and 300): Do you have what it takes to become a succesful researcher? Do you like brain-teasers and crunching on numbers? This is the level where the chaotic hacker will beat the structured pentester ...

There will be prices for the winners of the challenge ranging from a free security course, to some cool hardware like a pre-installed pentesting netbook ...Follow the wiki for details.

Try The Hex Factor and show us your Foo.

Jun 16, 2009

The BruCON volunteers organized

The Brucon volunteers are getting organized. We launched a mailinglist both for visitors and the volunteers to keep updated on the latest news in addition to our RSS feed and LinkedIN group. We defined several areas of responsibilities on the Volunteer page to get things into motion as well as the next meeting dates. There are still a lot of empty functions so please have a look at it.

For example, we are still looking for people with video equipment to record the talks which would be really cool to have!

Even if you can not come to the meetings, use the mailinglist and wiki to participate. Additionaly, you can even use some of our propaganda material to spread the word. All small things help.

Thank you!

(Photo under creative commons from Lallyna's photostream)

15 days of early bird #brucon ticket prices remaining

Time goes by quickly and we want to remind you that our early bird fee ends on the 1st of July. So you have only 15 days left before our prices go up! For students, this means prices as low as 5o euro if you complete your registration now.

On top of that, as an early bird you have the chance to win a "Offensive Security" Backtrack course valued at 550$.

Jun 5, 2009

The hackerspace challenge

People from various hackerspaces around Europe (or beyond) will be present at BruCON. We gave Randomdata a challenge inspired by the sandwich robot of Bre Pettis. We sent them this movie:

Now we are challenging the other spaces to pick up our gauntlet as well to make a cool (arduino) project. Be creative, don't be limited by our suggestion and have fun. Let the contest begin!!!

There will be arduino parts on sales during BruCON so everyone can join in a workshop to make their own little project.

If you don't know what a hackerspace is, visit hackerspaces.org or have a look at this video documentary.

(XKCD comic under Creative commons)

Jun 3, 2009

The Full BruCON Program

Two weeks ago, we announced the first part of the #brucon speaker track. You can now look at the entire set of presentations on our website.

A lot more updates will follow so keep following us. Only 28 days of early bird registrations left. Join us for 2 days of presentations, workshops, lightning talks in a great atmosphere.

(Photo under creative commons from ganatronic's photostream)