Sep 25, 2009

Download the #brucon videos and presentations

You can download our 13 videos from the following mirrors:

We want to thank all these people for hosting our videos. If you have some bandwidth and space to spare, add your own mirror.

The latest slides have also been added to

Thanks for Hackerspace Brussels for making the videos and the volunteers for seeding and spreading the files yesterday. You can now broadcast this!! Thank you!!!

Sep 23, 2009

First series of #BruCON presentations are online

You can get the first #brucon presentations from our website. More will follow.

Sep 21, 2009

Ending Brucon 2009, the first edition

BruCON edition 2009: Hacking for b33r has ended. It was better then we could had ever imagined for a first edition. There are few things we can improve on, but the feedback was very positive over the whole line, from speakers, volunteers and visitors alike. If you still want to provide us some feedback, send a note to feedback atsiggn (@)

We have to thank all the volunteers who worked their butts off during the conference and we hope to see many of them back for the 2010 edition. Yes, I think it's safe to say that there will be a next edition, so keep yourself subscribed to our RSS feed or Announcement mailinglist to stay informed.

For those who missed it, we will put the presentations and videos online as soon as we can, as well as a few other announcements.

Sep 17, 2009

Download the electronic schedule (for your PDA or Smartphone)

Some volunteers made an electronic version of our schedule, so you'll have the latest version close at hand. Have a look at our Schedule page for details.

Sep 15, 2009

BruCON Official Communication and Press contact

Yesterday we noticed some Belgian Security Blogs making statements on behalf of the BruCON organization. We are not denying or confirming anything published but we are only stating that those blog(s) contain inaccurate information and that we have no affiliation them.

Please follow our blog for correct and official information about BruCON. The official contact for press for BruCON is press (at) and nobody else.

Further updates will be posted in the coming hours.

Sep 14, 2009

Bonus presentation: Announcing the new Belgian

Last week, several newswebsites reported on the upcoming national For years, Belgium had to rely on the small CERT team of BELNET only. We are happy to see that BELNET got the opportunity to expand the team to a more national and bigger team.

Much details were not available in the press so we are happy that Lionel Ferette, coordinator of the CERT will give a short introduction during BruCON. Due to our full schedule and due to the fact that the CERT is still in full development, it will be restricted to a short presentation of 15 minutes.

Keep track on the lastest BruCON updates on our mailinglist and blog.

Sep 11, 2009

Update of the BruCON Schedule

Some small changes were made to the schedule. Unfortunately, Christofer Hoff had a scheduling conflict and will be replaced by Craig Balding.

Craig founded where he blogs about Cloud Computing and Security. Together with Christofer, he is the host of the Cloud Security podcast and has presented at Black Hat Europe, eCrime London and the World Cloud Computing Summit.

As a bonus, Jean-Luc Allard and Alain De Greve will join us to give an update on the Belgian Information Security Initiative (BISI).

More information has been added for the workshops, speakers and schedule.

Check our wiki for more information:

Visit our website or blog in the coming days for up-to-date information about the conference.

Register for the BruCON workshops

Since there are limited seats for the workshops, you can pre-register a seat in an attempt to keep it organized.

Go to for details.

Sep 10, 2009

The HEX Factor prices during BruCON

From The Hex Factor Team:

"In the last months, you had the chance to get a sneak preview on some of the typical challenges (PDF Challenge & WifiPuzzle) that will be included in The Hex Factor during BruCON. Today, we are happy to announce that

1. Everything is on schedule (read: we are still alive, we still have girlfriends ... at least some of us do, systems are running) and the challenges are ready to torture any gray cells in your haxx0rzzbrainzz.

2. The Hex Factor will run from 9am on day one, until 7pm on day two. During the first evening, after the conference venue closes, you can continue playing from HackerSpace Brussels until they kick you out (or Club Mate runs out) :-)

3. We have prices! Yes, thanks to some generous sponsors (CompuCity Hasselt, Offensive Security and the BruCON organizers), we have the following prices available:
  • First price: showroom model of the Asus EEE PC 900 White Azerty
  • Everyone who ends up in the Top 10: there are three Extra Large and two Large t-shirts of the following designs
  • One Offensive Security - Pentesting with BackTrack will be randomly given to a participant. Initially, this was our first price ... but then again, when you manage to score so much points, I do not think you need any additional training, do you?
We will be located in the Lounge during the whole conference and if you want to try any social engineering on us ... (hint: beers++ or coins-for-beers++) we will all be wearing one of the The Hex Factor t-shirts that you can order yourself from our webshop.

If you do not want to know how far the rabbit hole goes (Justin's talk in #track 1), but instead want to create the rabbit hole yourself ... you can join us on day one at 10am in Track 2 for an introduction on how to start playing! "

Sep 8, 2009

BruCON afterparty: Bring a friend action and happy hour

Thanks to our sponsor F5, there will be a great afterparty at BruCON. We are launching the Bring-a-friend action. Each registered BruCON attendee can invite one friend for the BruCON afterpart starting Saturday at 20:00 as long as the max. capacity of 400 hasn't been reached. Send your name and the name of your guest to party (atsign)

At 20:00 and 01:00 there will be a happy hour where you can get two draft beers for the price of one.

Bring a friend to party with the crew, speakers and participants on Saturday!

Sep 7, 2009

BruCON trainer Shreeraj Shah will be at the next OWASP-BE Chapter Meeting


Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 (18h00pm-21h00pm)


Location is sponsored by Isabel <>

Isabel S.A./NV
Putterijstraat 22 Rue de la Putterie,
1000 Brussels


* 18h00 - 18h30: Welcome & Refreshments
* 18h30 - 18h45: *OWASP Update* (by Sebastien Deleersnyder,
Telindus, OWASP Board)
* 18h45 - 19h30: *CSRF: the nightmare becomes reality* (by Lieven
Desmet, DistriNet KU Leuven)
* 19h30 - 20h45: *Hacking Web 2.0 Streams - Cross Domain Injection
and Exploits* (by Shreeraj Shah, founder of Blueinfy)

More information can be found at .

Shreeraj is in town for the BruCON conference <>
where he will be giving the "Web 2.0 Hacking - Attacks and Defense
<>" training. There are still
a few seats left.

*WHO should attend?*

Anyone interested in Web Application Security (management, security
professionals, developers, students, etc). OWASP Belgium chapter
membership is free. All meetings are free. There are never vendor
pitches or sales presentations! at OWASP meetings.

Check our chapter page on
meeting details, sign up to the chapter mailing list and introduce


There are *only 60 seats available* (first register, first serve)!

Please send a mail to 'belgium at' if you plan to attend,
so we can size the venue appropriately and keep you updated on
last-minute changes.

Sep 1, 2009

BruCON Podcast ep4: Eric Adrien Filiol - Cryptography and Cyberattacks

The podcast begins with some interesting details on the progress of the event.

Our guest today is Mr. Eric Filiol, another one of our presenters with his presentation How to coordinate and conduct a cyber attack. Eric is a French cryptanalyst and information security specialist with some interesting points on cryptology and the state of information security.

Interesting links for this episode :

Music of the podcast with permission of Dave Lewis (a.k.a. gattaca) who makes us Sweat with another track from his Mescaline project.