Feb 9, 2010

Call for Volunteers BruCON 2010

As things are starting to pick up for the 2010 edition, it's time to get all the teams organized. As BruCON is a not-for-profit and fun event for the community, we need volunteers to support it.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the organization of the different teams and to see who wants to take the lead in some of the teams. Everybody is welcome but we will try to work in a different way meeting-wise compared to next year..

We welcome all feedback to the event, even if you are not a volunteer or can't be physical present for meetinga. Got a cool idea for a contest, workshop or something else, then join the mailinglist and mention your idea.

Please meet us on Wednesday the 17th of Feb at our usual meeting place around 18:30.

Location: Café Le dome
Bd. du Jardin Botanique 12-13
1000 Brussels
(Google maps)

It's just in front of the Underground Parking Rogierplein and a few minutes walk from the Brussels North Trainstation.

If you can't make it, feel free to mention what you want to do and send us an email. We want to thank everyone of the community in advance for their help and dedication, because you are the ones that make BruCON work!

The BruCON Coreteam.

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