Jun 30, 2010

Hardhack.org featuring at BruCON

Our hardware hacking area with Mitch Altman will be joined by the hardhack.org crew!
hardhack.org is a hands-on hardware event. It will include hands-on workshops and demos showcasing a large variety of open source hardware, hardware kits, and hardware hacking. The workshops includes soldering, firmware hacking, and other open source hardware topics. Our aim is to encourage hands-on exploration of hardware rather than presentations. Kits will be for sale at the event and tools will be provided.
As we said, we still have some surprises for the coming BruCON event. And what is even better! Fridayevening will be Fracknight, meaning open and free access to the hardhack area for everyone!!! The only limitation is our venuecapacity... as long as we don't exceed the 400 people for firesafety reasons, you are free to come to BruCON and have fun with us in the hardware hacking area! (from 20:00 till ????). The bar will also remain open of course.
Come solder your first brainwave machine or TV-b-Gone or whatever crazy invention you're bringing yourself!!! There will be several workshops during the day including a DIY arcade box workshop.

We have more good news but let's not spoil everything at once. The only bad news is that you have to wait till 24th of September for all the fun at BruCON!!!

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