Aug 5, 2010

Win a prize: a Hex Factor sample challenge

Showing you a little more of what you can do or see during 24 & 25 September. The Hex Factor will be a challenge where people are introduced to the world of security in all its different aspects, or where experienced professionals can improve their current skill set. It is not only a contest for the most elite hacker(s), the challenges are broad and meant to be fun for everyone. Visit the BruCON wiki to see more details about this challenge.

There will be prices for the winners, starting from Tshirts up to some cool hardware prices. More updates on this in the coming weeks. But you can already win a small price now. Below is a sample challenge that will give you the following price:
The challenge will be open till Monday 9th of August 10:00 (GMT+1).

We are looking for a location in Brussels. The picture on this page contains all the information needed for the challenge.

a) what is the location we are looking for ?
b) which famous statue can be found in the vicinity of this location ?
c) how was the "secret" information hidden in the picture on this website ?
d) how did you find the location we were looking for ?
* bonus :
e) give at least 4 websites that host the file which contained the location ? (more is better)

Send your answers to: contest @

Want to try more? Come play the first edition of the 2010 Hex Factor Challenge in Brussels on 24 & 25 September.

More information about the team can be found on their homepage and for the latest developments/solutions of last year, see their blog

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