Jun 23, 2011

Announcing Brucon workshops

Everybody knows by now that Brucon is not just another infosec conference. One of our primary objectives is to bring the skills to the people who need/want them by the people who know them. This year is no exception : Brucon will be filled with action in the presentation tracks but we'll also be hosting several workshops.
Here's the list of currently confirmed workshops, with more to come soon :

- White Hat Shellcode: Not for Exploits by Didier Stevens
- Agnitio: the security code review Swiss army knife by David Rook
- Collective Malicious PDF Analysis by Brandon Dixon
- Script Kiddie Hacking Techniques by Colin McLean and Ellen Moar
- Lock Picking Workshop by TOOOL
- Creating Wi-Fi Malware for Fun and Profit by Vivek Ramachandran
- Beer brewing workshop by Machtelt Garrels

register for Brucon here : https://ssl.brucon.org/register/
also, don't forget about the post-Brucon trainings! You can register here : https://ssl.brucon.org/register-training/

and then there's the party, The Hex Factor ... and beer ... and Brussels nightlife ... and beer

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