Jun 3, 2011

Brucon pre-registrations

First off our sincere apologies for the delay we have ran into opening Brucon registrations.

This year we have, for the first time, teamed up with an online payment processor to enable payments by credit cards. Something that is new for us and which has been requested by many of you in the previous years. This has driven us to a complete overhaul and further automation of the registration process and seeing that we're all volunteers, a serious delay. We really want to make sure that everything works as expected and that whatever data you submit to us is secure. We just don't want to be the next Sony ;-)

While waiting for the official registration page (and online payment processing), you can preregister through e-mail at info@brucon.org.

if you want to register for a training, specify your name, your company (if applicable) and which training you wish to attend. Pricing for training is 895EUR (excl VAT) early bird (ends Jun 30th) and 995 (excl VAT) after that.

if you want to register for the conference, specify your name, your company (if applicable) and whether you're a student or not. Pricing for the conference are 50EUR for students, 90EUR early bird (ends Jun 30th or first 100 tickets) and 150EUR after that. Business tickets are 250EUR (excl VAT) early bird and 350EUR after that. We can only provide invoices for Business tickets not for regular tickets.

If you're a student, you will need to present your student ID at the entrance. Without a student ID you will need to upgrade to a standard 150EUR ticket or will be denied entrance.

If you preregister either for training, the conference or both you will be eligible for early bird pricing even if disaster strikes (e.g. we run really late with getting the page up).

Once the registration page opens, you will receive a code that will enable you to register at the correct conditions.

Now further to fill up those speaker and workshop slots! We're excited, are you?

See you at Brucon 2011!

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