Jun 3, 2011

Confirmed Speakers Brucon 2011

Without further delay, here is the final list of selected (and confirmed) speakers :

update June 15th :

  • Ripping Out Code: Practical Attack Surface Reduction for Open Source Systems by Craig Balding
update June 13th :
  • Myth-busting Risk by Jack Jones
  • Step-by-Step for Software Security (that anyone can follow) by Pravir Chandra

  • Botnets and Browsers - Brothers in a Ghost Shell by Aditja K. Sood
  • The 99¢ heart surgeon dilemma, How to fix penetration testing by Stefan Friedli
  • iOS Data Protection Internals by Andrey Belenko
  • Pushing in, leaving a present, and pulling out without anybody noticing, Data Exfiltration in highly secure environments by Ian Amit
  • Social Engineering Like In The Movies – The reality of awareness and manipulation by Dale Pearson
  • Botnet Identification and remediation, Cleaning up in your own back yard by Barry Irwin
  • Attacking SAP's J2EE Engine by Alexander Polyakov and Dmitriy Chastuhin
  • Abusing Locality in Shared Web Hosting by Nick Nikiforakis
  • Smart Phones – The Weak Link in the Security Chain, Hacking a network through an Android device by Nick Walker and Werner Nel
We're continuing selections as we speak.

The Brucon Team

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