Jul 27, 2011

Where the party's at ...

So, what's a con without a party?

When I set out to organize the Brucon party this year I had a lofty goal. We all work hard enough in our day jobs. The volunteers bust their butt to make Brucon as amazing a conference as it can be. For you, for the volunteers, I wanted to host the most awesome party I could come up with. Finally, everything fell into place and I feel confident that the party will be as kick-ass as you would expect from us. Here's what we got :

IOActive is the exclusive sponsor for the Brucon party. We're very pleased to have them supporting us in what we're trying to do for and with the infosec community!

The party will be held at Havana Club Brussels (http://www.havana-brussels.com), Rue de l'Epée 4, 1000 Brussels.
It's a cuban inspired place with (at maximum capacity) 4 bars and 2 floors that will be exclusively available to the Brucon audience. As the location is modular, we will be doing a roll call a little bit closer to the event so we can make sure enough bars are open to keep you hydrated!

And then ... there's music!

You will be entertained by :
- Joernchen of Phenoelit (checkout http://www.phonoelit.org)
- Mumpi of Phenoelit (checkout http://www.phonoelit.org)
- Keith Myers (checkout http://www.myspace.com/djkeithmyers)

Now, those in the know understand that we're quite excited about this line up but most of all, we're hoping you will enjoy this part of the conference as much as all the rest of goodness we'll have to offer you!

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