Aug 29, 2011

Introducing our Gold Sponsors

I can't believe it's less than a month until Brucon! It gets me excited to finally be able to see everything come together. Everything that numerous volunteers have spent hours on preparing. On Brucon days, as an organizer, you get satisfaction from very little things. Seeing the catering be run without a hitch, seeing people playing The Hex Factor, watching awesome discussions after the talks, seeing people learn in workshops. Those are the moments where you realize WHY you have done what you've done for the months prior. It feels awesome! Obviously, besides our kick-ass volunteers, there's also our sponsors who make everything possible. This blogpost is especially meant to thank our Gold Sponsors :

there are some Gold Sponsor places left. If you're interested in supporting one of the primary security events in Europe, don't hesitate to get in touch with us !

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