Sep 12, 2011

September 18th is car-free Sunday !!

Public Service Announcement :

On Sunday September 18th, there will be a car-free sunday in Brussels. This means that people travelling to Brussels by car that day will not be able to enter the city with their vehicle before 7pm. Travel from the airport to the city center by taxi will be possible, but taxis will need to adher to a speed limit of 30km/h in the city (which may drive up your travel cost).

For people arriving at the airport, we strongly advise to use the train service into the city center. There is a train every 10 minutes which makes stops in the North, Central and South station and thus should make any hotel reachable.

The airport train station is located below the terminal (basement level-1). Up to 4 trains an hour connect the airport to Brussels North, Brussels Central and Brussels Midi stations.

Obviously, they don't organize such an event for the heck of it :-) a lot of things are planned at which pre-brucon enjoyment can be had. Find more information on these at :

See you at Brucon !

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