Sep 16, 2011

a lot of hands make work light ...

and the experience awesome ...

There's a lot of work to be done at a conference like BruCON : setup, running the workshops, catering duty, bar duty, security, break up, ...

A big challenge this year for instance is that we can only enter the conference venue at 7am on Monday. You can imagine that it will be hectic to get everything ready and it will be kinda a all-hands-on-deck moment :-)

If you're coming out and want to lend a hand before, during or after the conference, please register to our volunteer management system here :

Even just for one hour, your help will be appreciated by everyone at the conference !

See you at BruCON !

Sep 15, 2011

Last minute changes to the schedule !

There was a time when I thought the last few months leading up to a conference were hectic. Back then I didn't know how it would be one week before the conference. I believe there's one thing that keeps us going and that's the enthusiasm we feel from our volunteers, our attendees (many are flying in from all over the globe) and our volunteers. We're so much looking forward to kick Brucon 0x03 off!

One thing you have to take into account is that a speaker can always have to cancel his attendance. It's never bad will, it is just stuff that happens for various reasons. It is pretty rare that you are suddenly looking at three empty spots on your schedule. I can tell you it's pretty scary ... one week before the conference :-) Emergency management suddenly gets a whole different meaning. And I think we pulled a small 'Dora The Explorer' here : WE DID IT!

Thanks to awesome friends and people doing all they could to juggle their schedule around, we were able to fill in the three spots on the schedule. With further adue, here they are :

Dan Kaminsky - Black Ops of TCP/IP 2011

There's what networks are supposed to do, and then there's what they're actually capable of. In this talk, I'll discuss some interesting findings in BitCoin, UPNP and TCP. I'll also discuss a (probably inadvisable) mechanism for password based authentication via public key cryptosystems. Finally, I'll talk about N00ter, a mechanism I'm developing to expose biased networks.

Andreas Bogk - Certified programming with dependent types : Because the future of defense is liberal application of math.

Dependent types expand the concept of types in programming languages by arbitrary predicates depending on the value of the type. This lecture will introduce the necessary fundamentals using code examples and show how dependent types can be used to develop formally verified and thus more secure code.

Aluc - Incident response the good the bad and the ugly, or how to keep your face after a security breach.

Security breaches occur every day and we have to get used to it. But our Customers won't be happy if their data are published. Now there are some questions to be answered : How do we handle such a breach? Which data should we release to the public? How do we create an incident response plan? How to work with our forensic partner? Which data should you give to the Police and what should we be quiet about? All these and more will be discussed on real life examples.

We have to thank Aluc, Dan and Andreas to be so willing to make last-minute arrangements to help us out. I hope you all are looking forward to BruCON as much as we are !

See you at BruCON!

Sep 13, 2011

Finding your way around Brussels during Brucon

For many of our attendees, this may be the first time they're visiting Brussels. Finding your way around may not be the easiest thing to do .... Some will just go at it, some like to plan everything before leaving. The latter group will be relieved when they see the effort @5M7X has gone through to create an awesome map where all the important Brucon events are indicated on!

See you at Brucon

Sep 12, 2011

Brucon Trainings -- a long-term knowledge sharing engagement

Since it's inception Brucon had two main goals. The first one to foster an environment where both the technology-oriented information security audience and the business-oriented information security audience could find knowledge, share experience, learn and be inspired. This became our two-day conference. The second goal was to create an event where our audience could learn the stuff they need to excel in their job, the skills they require to be ahead of the curve. This part materialized in the first place as the Brucon trainings.

The Brucon trainings aim to bring top-notch experts to Belgium to deliver a great learning experience at an affordable price. I believe we can pride ourselves in the fact that we can deliver these trainings at one of the lowest price compared to other conferences. We can only thank our trainers for this.

The trainings make our circle round. Thanks to the income from the trainings, we are able to keep the cost for the conference low. They contribute immensely to the budget we have for our conference. As a non-profit organisation we are not allowed to, well, make profit :-) Thus any excess money is contributed to community efforts. The Belgian hackerspaces and The Infosec Mentors project, amongst others, have been sponsored by Brucon in the past years. It's part of who we are, it's why we do this.

This year, unfortunately, we had to cancel two of our six scheduled trainings. Not as bad as many other conferences but still disappointing. For us, for the trainers who have prepared the materials and course content and for the people who actually registered for the courses.

Now, for the remaining trainings, we still have open spots. If you or anyone you know is still interested to join in for 2 days of learning from the best in the industry, don't hesitate to register !

To register for these trainings click here!

See you at Brucon !

workshop registrations are open !

To make sure everything around the workshops runs smoothly, we are opening registrations.
You can add your name to the workshop registration page.

Please observe the following rules :

  • enter your name only once.
  • Only register for yourself.
  • Only register if you are sure you will attend.
Registrations will close 24hr before the conference. If you were unable to register, please check the location of the workshop a few minutes before the start. It may be that some people did not make it or the trainer is ok to have a few more people attend.

See you at Brucon !

Entering the Brucon conference site by car

Hola (that's Spanish for hello),

You should already be aware that we are having this year's Brucon at the Campus of the 'Vrije Universiteit Brussel' (let it be known as VUB from here on forward).

For people that decide to come to the venue by car, our hosts have been so kind to create an entrance barcode that you should not forget to print and bring with you as it will open the gates at entrance 6 and 13 of the campus.

It can be found here :

See you at Brucon !

September 18th is car-free Sunday !!

Public Service Announcement :

On Sunday September 18th, there will be a car-free sunday in Brussels. This means that people travelling to Brussels by car that day will not be able to enter the city with their vehicle before 7pm. Travel from the airport to the city center by taxi will be possible, but taxis will need to adher to a speed limit of 30km/h in the city (which may drive up your travel cost).

For people arriving at the airport, we strongly advise to use the train service into the city center. There is a train every 10 minutes which makes stops in the North, Central and South station and thus should make any hotel reachable.

The airport train station is located below the terminal (basement level-1). Up to 4 trains an hour connect the airport to Brussels North, Brussels Central and Brussels Midi stations.

Obviously, they don't organize such an event for the heck of it :-) a lot of things are planned at which pre-brucon enjoyment can be had. Find more information on these at :

See you at Brucon !