Jan 8, 2012

Before we start our preparations for 2012 ...

Hello BruCON people!

Before we kick start living towards a new installment of Brucon 2012 we have an apology to make.

All volunteers contributing to the conference are doing their utmost to make everything work and from the feedback we received we haven't fumbled in 99% of what makes the event one of your favorite conferences in Europe. However, this year, we feel we have let you down on one specific point : the recordings and publication of our talks.

Due to technical difficulties we didn't prepare for we were unable to recover a great part of the recordings and thus are not able to share them with a wider audience.

What we were able to recover is available at http://files.brucon.org . We know it is not a lot and we sincerely apologize for this.

That said, we will do everything we can to prevent this from happening ever again by reviewing our setup and preparing for as many scenario's as possible. If you have particular experience in this area and feel you are able to help us out, we're open to your suggestions and happy to hear from you at info 0x40 brucon.org !

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