Jan 10, 2012

BruCON 2012 ... it's on !

3,2,1 ... BruCON 2012 is a go! 

In the past few months, after a few weeks of rest, we've looked back, learned some lessons and listened to your feedback. One of the most gratifying things about organizing a conference is that the attendees tell us that they had a good time, learned a lot, made friends and overall enjoyed our event. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that supported BruCON since it's inception in 2009. The event would not exist without you!

And now we're here, happy that the Mayans allow us to organize yet another epic information security event in Belgium. So here are the details :

Training : September 24th and 25th
Conference : September 26th and 27th

University of Ghent
Voldersstraat 9
9000 Ghent

Yes, you've read that right. BruCON 2012 will not be held in Brussels. We've had long discussions about this change and all opinions have been heard. Everybody remembers that we had our event in 2009 and 2010 at the Belgacom Surfhouse in Evere. This was an awesome location but in 2011, it was no longer available so we had to find another location. The VUB Campus was a good location but it also had some down-sides. It wasn't perfect. BruCON being a not-for-profit organisation and Brussels being the 'Capital of Europe' it turned out to be very difficult to find a location that could accomodate an audience of ca. 400 people with affordable catering and room for workshops. That's where we started to think that Brussels wasn't the only city in Belgium that could host BruCON and that the conference was more about the atmosphere, the collaboration and the state of mind than it was about the city it was held in. After scouting some of the possible locations, we settled for Ghent and that's where BruCON 2012 will take place. 

In the coming days we will announce our Call For Training, Call For Papers and a lot of other details that we need to share with you. For now, we are excited to kick off another BruCON year! We're all looking forward to seeing you in Ghent later this year! 

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