Sep 30, 2012

after #brucon is before #brucon

I think @er4z0r is 100% right with that quote :-)

Let me first take this opportunity to thank you, our audience, to make BruCON 0x04 what it turned out to be : AWESOME!

Of course we do our best to bring the finest of infosec to Belgium to share knowledge and spur discussion. Our volunteers go on a minimum sleep diet months before the conference and give everything they have to make your conference enjoyable. In the end it is you, our attendees, that come out in large numbers with open minds, ready to discuss a variety of topics and share your expertise. This is what gives BruCON the unique atmosphere of being among friends (if not family) for two days straight. We can't be more thankful for that. It's also our honor to dedicate € 25.000 to the ideas and projects that will solve tomorrows infosec challenges through our 5by5 initiative. BruCON is a conference by the community for the community. We will announce details about 5by5 by the middle of next week!

Yes, we too were scared of the impact of moving the conference to Ghent. It turned out that the awesome vibe of the city fitted our conference well and I don't think it is a surprise that we decided to stay put for the foreseeable future.

As we are now looking forward to the 0x05 edition, we realize that this will be a special anniversary edition. It shouldn't be a surprise that we are already planning today :-)

The details for our 2013 edition are :

Location : Ghent
Training dates : September 24th and 25th
Conference dates : September 26th and 27th

Yes, there will be some surprises to be announced in the coming weeks and months so stay tuned and get ready to turn it up a notch for BruCON 0x05 : the anniversary edition !

Sep 22, 2012

BruCON 0x04 Party on Wednesday @ 22h in Sioux Café

You didn't think we would miss the opportunity to organize a party again this year, did you?

Turn up the volume!

On Wednesday evenening 26 September, day 0 of BruCON 0x04, the party takes off at 22h at Sioux Café.

DJ lineup:
Joernchen of Phenoelit (checkout
Keith Myers (checkout
Mumpi of Phenoelit (checkout
Astera of Phenoelit (checkout

Address: Platteberg 8, Ghent

Thanks to our Party Sponsors:

Doors open as of 22h
Entrance is free

BruCON team

REBOOT movie Sneak Preview

Your world is about to be reset

On Tuesday 25 September, Day -1 before BruCON 0x04, there is an exclusive Sneak Preview of the movie Reboot followed by Q&A with director Joe Kawasaki at the Monasterium, Oude Houtlei 56 - 9000 Ghent (Belgium)

Check out the interview with Joe Kawasaki and Sidney Sherman on Daily Dead

Details are available on
Doors open as of 19h.
Entrance is free

BruCON team

Sep 19, 2012

BruCON 0x04 is sold out

Less than a few days to go for the 2012 edition!

At this moment, ticket sales are  at 100% of the maximum capacity so we are sold out. We won't be selling anymore tickets at the door, just to ensure a safe and pleasant environment.

On a side note, this year a t-shirt design was submitted from down under (Australia) by Kathryn Sawyer and this t-shirt will be for sale only during the conference in different sizes at democratic prices. Here is a preview by one of our male models ;-)

Last but not least, BruCON also welcomes three new organizations as sponsors and thanks them for their support to make edition 2012 our best ever.