Nov 13, 2012

A mea culpa ... video ain't easy.

It feels like it's 2011 again :-)

Last year we learned that streaming and recording an event like BruCON (or any conference) is not an easy feat. As we didn't want to lose another year of awesome BruCON talks, we did everything we could to ensure high quality recordings and we have them ... but they're not ready for publication yet.  In an effort to bring them to you as fast as possible, the cutting of the video wasn't done as good as it could have been and (more importantly) there are not enough keyframes in the final video files.

All of this means that the talks don't always begin at the beginning or end at the end. Moreover the sound gets out of sync very quickly too.  The combination of both issues forces us to redo the whole editing effort.

You can rest assured that we do have the content and we're doing everything we can to bring it to you as soon as possible but at this moment, we can not fix ourselves to a date.

This is another year of learning for us and we're honest to admit that A/V is probably one of our weakest points ... Knowing this, we're already putting everything into place to improve on this in 2013.

We are not Derbycon (Adrian, how do you do it?) but the least we can do is capture our awesome content for posterity.

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