Jan 21, 2013

The BruCON CFP (presentations and workshops) is open ...

So as we have now properly closed down 2012, we're looking forward to make 2013 count double.

It is our 5th edition and we've been reinventing the way we've handled our CFP over the past few years. This year will be no different :-) Firstly, we are making our CFP fully anonymous. This means we don't request biographies but only abstracts. We have learned that anonymizing submissions is virtually impossible after they've been received. This year the only thing that will identify you is the email address you use to communicate with us so to convince the CFP panel, the content will need to speak for itself. Another new initiative is the "recommended talk". Here we're intentionally not looking for new content but for content that has been presented before and that you deem interesting for our audience.

We are looking for 2 kinds of submissions for talks :

1. Your own thang

You have been researching something incredibly cool and you believe (like we do) that BruCON is the ideal venue to present your research and share your knowledge. Sounds like a match! We expect you to submit a detailed abstract to cfp -at brucon -dot- org. You do not include a bio.  Nope, we're not interested in what you have previously done and we will not select on who you are or which entity you represent. The selection will purely be on the content of your abstract. You may be contacted if anything is not clear.

2. Something you recommend

You have seen someone present something completely and utterly awesome and you believe this specific talk or workshop will be of value for the BruCON audience.  Please send us an email at cfp -at- brucon -dot- org and provide us the following details :

  • who was the presenter
  • the topic the person presented on
  • the venue the person talked at
  • any public documentation on the talk/workshop
  • possible contact details for the person you recommend
For this category we will apply our own special super-secret algorithm to select talks and obviously we're relying on the willingness of the recommended person to present at BruCON. We admit that this is an unorthodox way to invite CFP responses but we are aware that not all speakers are aware of our event. Counting on the recommendations of the BruCON audience is a natural step to find quality content.

Possibly formats are :

  • 1hr talk
  • 2hr workshop (preferably hands on)
  • 4hr workshop (preferably hands on)

Our speaker treatment hasn't changed since the first year. You're our guest and we will do anything to make your stay and experience as enjoyable as possible. This includes helping you with travel and accomodation and providing ample opportunities to sample the best of whatever Belgium has to offer. You know what we're talking about so ... submit now!

This CFP closes on March 31st 2013 at midnight CET -- CFP feedback will be sent before April 30th 2013. All talks will be published before May 15th 2013.

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