Mar 1, 2013

BruCON CONstruct


Traditionally BruCON has been an held in a 4-day format, 2 days of trainings (which will be announced soon) and 2 days of conference (talks, workshops).  However, as FX and the PH Neutral crew aptly describe here, we too have observed a demand for a conference format that moves away from the traditional one-to-many format to a many-to-many format that allows for the exchange of knowledge and accelerated output of prototypes and solutions.

This year BruCON will host its first CONstruct day on September 25th. The event will loosely adopt to the PXE RFC linked to above and will invite 50 individuals that submit a topic of research, keeping in mind the following items of interest (from the PXE RFC) :

  • Code and tools that facilitate computer security research and hacking, both offensive and defensive in nature
  • Concepts, algorithms, procedures that aid research
  • Reports on research experiences, preferably including a time line of steps and their success or lack thereof
  • Of special interest are reports on FAILED RESEARCH, meaning that the intended goal was not reached
Every individual shall come prepared to explain their topic in a 10 minute presentation, work together with other participants and present results at the end of the event.
CONstruct will take place on September 25th, will be hosted by BruCON and the location will be disclosed to the selected participants. Purchase of a BruCON ticket is not required and the event is free for the invited participants.
You are urged to submit your topic of research by email to
Credit for the PXE format goes to FX and the PH-Neutral crew. Kudos for pushing the envelope for more than a decade.