Apr 18, 2013

Small conference, real impact

At BruCON we're pretty idealistic. We truly believe that, as a community we can achieve great things. For many of our speakers, workshop organizers and trainers, BruCON was the first venue they presented/trained at.

Last year, Mathy Vanhoef was one of those 'new kids on the block' as he presented his research on new flaws in WPA-TKIP. We were aware of Mathy and his technical chops for a while so we were excited when he submitted to BruCON. More so when he got selected to speak at our event.

Today we were informed that Mathy has worked further on the research he performed for his presentation and together with Frank Piessens he wrote an paper on the subject. This paper, called 'Practical Verification of WPA-TKIP vulnerabilities', which has now been officially been accepted as an academic research paper.

All credit for this obviously goes to Mathy and Frank for their research and their commitment, but as an organisation that is focused on stimulating the community, research and cooperation this is a sign that we're moving in the right direction. We couldn't be happier with this news.

Let's all congratulate Mathy (@vanhoefm on twitter ;-)) and Frank but more importantly, let's do more of this!

Apr 12, 2013

Registration is open!

this post could alternatively be titled "how you can't keep a cat in a bag in front of a bunch of hackers"

* no cats were harmed during the opening of the BruCON registrations

We know it has taken a while but as we ran some tests this morning to validate our registration and payment systems, it didn't take long for people to find out that registration had opened and we received a live test by what we can probably best describe as "our fans" =)

As of yesterday you can start registering right here:

If you want to come out and celebrate our 5th anniversary with us, our speakers and trainers and - most obviously - our fantastic audience, don't waste time. We are looking forward to be your hosts!