May 28, 2013

BruCON training in the spotlight !

The training line-up for BruCON 0x05 has been finalized.
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In past years some trainers have told us that the two-day format is a bit
constraining so this year we're featuring a couple of extended
three-day courses:

  • Russ Gideon's class on Offensive Techniques 
  • Justin Searle's class on pentesting Smart Grid and SCADA with SamuraiSTFU. 
Filling out the line-up we're excited to have several
excellent two-day classes too:

  • Didier Stevens on Hacking PDF, 
  • Zach Lanier on Mobile Penetration Testing
  • Sumit Siddharth on The Art of Exploiting Injection Flaws
  • Michael Sikorski and Willi Ballenthin on Practical Malware Analysis. 

BruCON strives to offer a training program that is simultaneously
cutting-edge, local, and affordable. Last year's training attendance
broke the preceding years' records and we'd like to extend that
trendline. Whether you're a professional CPE-hunter or just
naturally-curious we feel there's something for everyone in this
year's line-up.

We've decided to extend the early-bird registration period through 15
June. So, if you were hesitant to ask your boss, you have a bit of a
reprieve. But now is *definitely* the time! After 15 June the prices
will go up by EUR 100.

Beyond just the early-bird discount, if you persuade (two or more)
colleagues to attend BruCON training with you (doesn't have to be the
same class) we'll comp you a conference ticket *and* make sure you get
one of our exclusive, limited-edition 0x05 commemorative t-shirts! So
point your browser to and
register while there are still spaces available!

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