Jul 22, 2013

Announcing the Facebook Capture The Flag

Since the inception of BruCON we have always hosted the "The Hex Factor" Capture The Flag events which were always met with great enthusiasm and received excellent feedback.

This year, unfortunately and due to various circumstances, THF will not be able to continue and while we're grateful for the stellar work the team put into the event, we were challenged to come up with something equally great and worthy to step in the footsteps of a BruCON household name.

We believe we have found it!

It is with a lot of excitement that we announce the Facebook Capture The Flag event @ BruCON.

Here are the details :
Location : Sint Autbertus Church @ Monasterium Poortackere (aka The Conference Hotel)
Time and Date : All day, September 25th
Register : Here
Fee : 0 euros (yes, it's free!)
Teams : Maximum 4 people / team (if you don't have a team, please send an email to crew@brucon.org with the title CTF solo player. We'll match you up with a team of your own!).
Limit : Logistically, we can allow a maximum of 10 teams! Be quick!
Prizes : there will be monetary prizes for #1, #2 and #3 (yes, they're substantial. no, we're not sharing those details yet :-))

So, on September 25th we gather in the Church @ the conference hotel for a full day of hacking. Expect both your offensive and defensive skillsets to be tested to their limits. The good part is that there'll be fun and learning to be had for everybody. Do not feel like you shouldn't partake if you don't feel 1337 enough or even if you don't have a team ready. Just register and come have a great day of fun. Additionally, there's a very small chance you'll be breaking into servers while seated in a real church, right? RIGHT!

Facebook will be your host and you'll know it. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as well as refreshments will be provided to all players and there's a very big chance we'll roll from the event straight into a pre-conference party.

How many more reasons does one need to REGISTER NOW!

Note 1: This event is hosted seperately from BruCON. Being registered for BruCON or BruCON training does not mean auto-enrollment for the CTF.
Note 2 : Similarly, if you're not registered for BruCON or BruCON training, you can still register for this event free of charge.

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  1. Ive read a few articles on this and it looks like a rip off of a recent CTF hosted by the honeynet and facebook. Dare I be so controversial to ask the question of "Did Facebook steal the honeynet ip?" If so, shame on them.