Aug 29, 2013

New workshop and hackaton announcement: Cuckoo Sandbox @ BruCON

We are thrilled to announce to have a Cuckoo Sandbox hackaton and workshop at BruCON!

Cuckoo Sandbox is an open source for automating the dynamic analysis of malware. It allows you to run and monitor any suspicious file inside an isolated environment and collect indicators and evidences of its behavior.

Cuckoo is growing to be an established but complex software and there are many features, improvements and fixes that are yet to be developed.

At Brucon core developers, contributors and users will be able to sit down to discuss, hack, break (and possibly build) Cuckoo Sandbox and wonder about the future of fighting malware.

A 4 hour workshop will also be included in the - soon to be published - schedule.

Kind regards,

The BruCON crew

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