Jun 21, 2016

Brucon 0x08 Talks and Workshops

It's taken us a bit of time and some hard deliberation, but here are your talks and workshops for Brucon 0x08 !!

Firstly we'd like to thank everyone who took the time to submit. We had some truly awesome talks and workshops submitted and it was difficult to whittle it down to the final list.

So without further ado...


  • "Building a Successful Internal Adversarial Simulation Team" - Chris Nickerson and Chris Gates
  • "What Does the Perfect Door or Padlock Look Like?" - Deviant Ollam
  • "New Adventures in Active Defense, Offensive Countermeasures and Hacking Back" - John Strand
  • "NO EASY BREACH:Challenges and Lessons Learned from an Epic Investigation" - Matthew Dunwoody and Nicholas Carr
  • "Decepticon The Rise and Evolution of an Intelligent Evil Twin…!!!" - Rushikesh Nandedkar, Amrita Iyer and Krishnakant Patil
  • "Hello to the Dark Side: Understanding YOUR Adversaries without All Those Expensive Threat Intel Tools" - L. Grecs
  • "Security through design - Making security better by designing for people" - Jelle Niemantsverdriet
  • "Esoteric Web Application Vulnerabilities" - Andres Riancho
  • "Invoke-Obfuscation: PowerShell obFUsk8tion Techniques & How To (Try To) D""e`Tec`T 'Th'+'em'" - Daniel Bohannon
  • "Virtual Terminals, POS Security and becoming a billionaire overnight" - Grigorios Fragkos
  • "Hacking KPN: Lessons from the trenches" - Jeremy Goldstein and Bouke van Laethem
  • "Scraping leaky browsers for fun and passwords" - Stefaan Truijen, Adrian Toma and Arne Swinnen
  • "Smart Sheriff, Dumb Idea. The wild west of government assisted parenting" - Abraham Aranguren, Fabian Fäßler and Abraham Aranguren
  • Talk title incoming...listen to "Last Writes" at full volume in the mean time - Dual Core


  • "The Control Things Workshop" - Justin Searle
  • "Hacking The Enterprise" - Eden Froemming and Wim Remes
  • "Hello Friend: Creating a Threat Intelligence Capability" - Rebekah Brown and Scott J Roberts
  • "Brewcon" - Chris Lytle
  • "Hunting Malware with osquery at scale" - Nick Anderson, Sereyvathana Ty and Javier Marcos
  • "Analyzing Malicious Office Documents" - Didier Stevens
  • "Incident Response Workshop" - Maxim Deweerdt and Erik Van Buggenhout
  • "Crowdsourced Malware Triage: Making Sense of Malware With a Browser and a Notepad" - Sergei Frankoff and Sean Wilson
  • "How to securely build your own IoT enabling embedded systems: from design to execution and assessment" - Jens Devloo, Jean-Georges Valle and Vito Rallo
  • "802.11 Leakage: How passive interception leads to active exploitation: I now know where you live, work, and play, and oh btw, I have also MiTM'd your smart phone and laptop" - Solomon Sonya and Solomon Sonya
  • "Putting a lock around your containers with Docker Security Primitives" - Nils De Moor
  • "Visual Network and File Forensics using Rudra" - Ankur Tyagi

We will be publishing more detailed information on each of the talks in the coming weeks.
The training program will be announced soon ! 

In the mean time, we will be working on getting tickets ready for purchase.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Ghent in October !!

BruCON Crew

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